VIA Spearhead Platform Initiative

The VIA Spearhead Platform Initiative was introduced to facilitate the proliferation of the x86 platform further into the home, office and mobile space for our partners, providing a range of dedicated, interoperable and highly compatible platform reference designs based on VIA’s extensive range of processor platform technologies that pave the way for rapid entry into these fast-emerging markets.

Desktop Design Wins

VIA Ultra Mobility Platform

VIA Mobile-ITX

VIA NetNote Turnkey Systems

VIA Surfboard NetNote Edition Platforms

VIA Surfboard C855 Reference Design

VIA Em-ITX Board Form Factor

VIA Trinity Platform

Mini-ITX 2.0: The Mini PC Platform of the Future

VIA OpenBook Mini-Note Reference Design

VIA EPIA Mainboard Reference Image Kit

VIA Pico-ITX Mainboard Form Factor

VIA Infotainment Server Reference Design

VIA NanoBook UMD Reference Design

VIA Tablet PC Reference Design

VIA Web Pad Reference Design

VIA Set Top Box Reference Design

VIA Information PC Reference Design

MOMA Mobile Gaming Console