VIA Vinyl Audio represents VIA’s acclaimed line of dedicated audio chips, offering the highest level of audio fidelity and best feature sets available on the market. VIA has remained at the forefront of PC audio technology by pioneering 24-bit resolution with 96/192kHz sampling rates. For this reason, VIA’s chips are the basis for almost all of the major high-end soundcards and audio solutions.

Vinyl Envy VT1731

Vinyl Envy VT1730

Vinyl EnvyUSB 2.0 Audio Controller

Vinyl VT1828S

Vinyl VT1818S

Vinyl VT1708B

Vinyl VT1708A

Vinyl VT1618

Vinyl VT1617A

Vinyl VT1613

Vinyl Audio Technologies

Vinyl VT1612A

Vinyl Six-TRAC Audio Codec

Vinyl Envy24PT

Vinyl Envy24HT

Vinyl Envy24

Vinyl Audio 8-Channel Audio