VIA Labs, Inc.

VIA Labs, Inc is the foremost supplier of USB 3.0 integrated chip controllers that are driving adoption of the new SuperSpeed USB data transfer specification. A wholly owned subsidiary of x86 processor platform provider, VIA Technologies, Inc., VIA Labs leverages its experience in high-speed serial link interfaces, in-house PHY design, and complete system integration to offer customers industry leading technology along with guaranteed high quality and implementation support.

VIA Labs VP302 and VL103

VIA Labs VL820

VIA Labs VL716

VIA Labs VL715

VIA Labs VL100

VIA Labs VL805

VIA Labs VL806

VIA Labs VL812

VIA Labs VL811 Plus

VIA Labs VL811

VIA Labs VL810

VIA Labs VL701

VIA Labs VL800

VIA Labs VL751

VIA Labs USB 3.0 Zero Client

VIA Labs VL750

VIA Labs VL700