VIA offers a range of power efficient processors for the x86 Personal Electronics and embedded device markets. Providing industry leading miniaturization, low power consumption and compatibility with a complete range of feature rich VIA digital media chipsets, VIA processors are powering a new wave of innovation in the embedded, mobile and consumer electronics markets.

QuadCore E-Series Processor

QuadCore Processor

Nano X2 E-Series Processor

Eden X2 Processor

Nano X2 Processor

Nano E-Series Processor

Nano 3000 Series

Nano Processor

Centaur: Designing VIA Processors

Isaiah Architecture

C7-M Mobile Processor

C7-D Desktop Processor

C7 Processor

Mark CoreFusion Processor Platform

Luke CoreFusion Processing Platform

Eden-N Embedded Processor

Eden ESP Embedded Processor

Eden Embedded Processor

C3-M Mobile Processor

C3 Processor

ACE-CNX Security Service