VIA meets the ever-changing demands of the networking and communications markets by anticipating and developing the most appropriate new technologies to satisfy customer needs in terms of functionality, performance and cost-effectiveness. The company unites its industry partners, widening the choices available to both its customers and businesses that buy from them.

Solomon VT6656

Solomon VT6655

Solomon VT6651


Velocity VT6130

Velocity VT6122

Velocity VT6120

Tahoe VT6108S

Tahoe VT6108

Tahoe VT6103X

Tahoe VT6103L

Tahoe VT6103F

Tahoe VT6103

Rhine VT6107

Rhine III VT6106S

Rhine III VT6106L

Rhine III VT6106H

Rhine III VT6105M

Atlantic VT6528

Atlantic II VT6526

Atlantic II VT6510C

Atlantic II VT6510B

Atlantic II VT6510A

Atlantic II VT6510