VIA provides the hardware, software, and cloud building blocks for creating innovative embedded systems and devices that unleash the awesome potential of ubiquitous connectivity and the Internet of Things to deliver amazing new connected experiences.

Optional Accessories for VIA Mobile360 FSS

VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System

VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System

VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System

VIA Smart Video Alarm System

VIA Smart Touchpad Alarm System

VIA Smart Access Control Security Management System

VIA Smart Video Intercom Security System

VIA Smart Home Automation Tablet

VIA Smart Doorbell

VIA Pixetto Vision Sensor

VIA-AI Smartphone Driver Assistance App

VIA Mobile360 AI Mining Safety Kit

VPai Home Smart Security Smart Lock

VPai Smart Security Solar IP Camera

VPai Home Smart Doorbell L

VIA – Lucid Edge AI 3D Developer Kit